Hey, my name is Chris Spearman!


I’ve spent my life using my love for science and my love for fitness to get the MOST out of my body BUT still managing to keep it enjoyable. We all want to lose fat fast and get that cover model or bikini model physique, however, as much as I love having a cover model body, visible 6-pack and great muscle definition, I want to enjoy my life. Like everyone I enjoy foods like, chocolate, ice cream and pizza. We all want a diet and training plan that is enjoyable and one that is easy to stick to.


Luckily, that is EXACTLY what I have decided to offer my clients.


BEFORE, I show you what you get; have a look at what is possible if you follow one of these plans…

This is my transformation. On the left I was in California where my fitness journey began, Gold's Gym... and the dream of appearing on the cover of a magazine was born. On the right, was my condition the week my first magazine cover was published. ALL the tips and tricks, nutrition protocols and training plans I used are provided inside these 12 Week Shred-With-Science plans...

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