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Darren: “Making the decision to engage in Chris Spearman’s Platinum Skype program is the best decision I have made in recent memory.  What started out as a 12-week program has turned into a life altering lifestyle change heavily influenced by the interactions and support of Chris via his Skype program.  Contact with Chris is what makes his Skype program different than other programs, and the relationship that evolves from the weekly Skype sessions help to support and encourage you in your progress.  I can attest to the bond that has developed between Chris and myself through this program, Chris has an uncanny ability of knowing when to reach out at your lowest points and offer encouragement and support to help you through those low points.  Through Chris’s support, encouragement and knowledge of Biochemistry, I have not only been able to develop my physique but I’ve developed a more positive attitude towards my own life.  This experience has been nothing but extraordinary, I would recommend to anyone wishing to make a change in their life to contact Chris about his Skype program.”

Rhys: "Over the last 2 years, Chris has taken me through a huge transformation both physically and mentally, changing my life for the better. The personal relationship we were able to build through face to face Skype check ins rather than email made a world of difference. It kept me accountable knowing that i had my coach so involved on such a personal basis, and continues to push me to be the best I can be. For me, that personal touch made all the difference."

Jeremy: "Having chosen to Skype with Chris has made all the difference in my busy life. Travelling for work and play keeps me away from home and a regular gym schedule. Skype added a much needed and missing element in my online training experience with personal interaction on the GO. Skyping has not only enabled me to be accountable but it has motivated me to excel, allowing me to continue my journey through proper nutritional and fitness guidance. No matter where I am in the world travelling for work I always make time for my live discussions and check-ins with my trainer. Chris is not just my online trainer, he is my life coach, my mentor and because of friend."

Josh: “Since starting with Chris 12 weeks ago lots of things have changed! Over the last 5 years I have been coached by numerous trainers who lose interest after a few weeks. With the help of Skype I have built up a great relationship with Chris. I have been very impressed with his professional approach and wealth of knowledge. The biggest thing I wanted from a coach was flexibility and Chris has been there 24/7 answering any questions I have. Trust is a big thing for me, at the start I questioned some things, 12 weeks later I'm in the best shape ever whilst I am eating double what I was at the start. Chris has totally changed my outlook not only on nutrition and supplementation but has allowed me to find my love for training again whilst still enjoying everyday life. Not only professional in his approach but a genuine honest guy who would not let you down!”

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